Your Name, Our Product

A significant portion of our output is products that bear our customers’ brands on the label. In fact, when it comes to private label, contract packaging and toll manufacturing, we are selling our expertise as much as any particular product. We work with our customers on many critical issues related to application-specific performance, certifications and packaging.

What Is Private Labeling?

If you are a customer who sells an adequate volume of silicones, sealants, adhesives, grease, urethanes, etc, and have thought about the potential benefits of having your company’s brand name on the packaging, then private labeling is the solution for you! We use our quality products and package them using your label and information. This service will help you expand your brand popularity and make your brand name more prominent in the market place.

ASI Unlimited Packaging Options

Packaging Options

American Sealants Inc. has the ability to package material in almost any fashion the client sees fit.  We have the machinery and expertise to produce high and low volume orders in almost any packaging available in the market.  The following list is standard private label packaging that we currently produce:

  • Squeeze tubes of all sizes (1/2 oz, 2.8 oz, 6 oz)
  • Semco Cartridges of all sizes (6 oz, 10 oz, 29 oz)
  • Caulking Cartridges of all sizes (5 oz, 10.2 oz, 29 oz)
  • Sausage Pack “Chub pack” of all sizes (10 oz, 20 oz, 30 oz)
  • Jars and Containers of all sizes (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz)
  • Cans of all sizes (quart, liter & 1 gallon cans)
  • Bottles of all sizes (4 oz, 32 oz)
  • Pails of all sizes (5 gallon)
  • Drums (55 gallon)
  • Spray Bottles of all sizes
  • Pouches of all sizes

If the packaging that you would like is not listed please feel free to contact us.  ASI offers a lot of different packaging options that may not be listed above.

Private label any ASI product

We’ve been trusted for sales of ASI products in custom-branded packaging for more than 30 years! Our services not only replace manufacturing overhead with reasonable unit costs, they also add value based on product quality, unique packaging solutions and the many certifications we maintain. We can’t list our customers, but you already know many of them. They include some of the largest consumer brand names sold in warehouse stores as well as automotive, industrial & construction companies looking to grow sales while minimizing manufacturing costs and headaches. We can help you find the right product and packaging for your application and create a private label solution you can offer with pride. We offer:

  • Large volume capabilities as well as low & flexible minimums
  • Industry leadership in packaging options & technology
  • Application advice & support
  • Modifications to formulations based on your needs
  • Custom formulations & colors
  • Assistance with package graphics


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