ASI 335



ASI 335 Neutral Cure RTV Silicone is a one-part, non-slump, moisture cure sealant/adhesive that cures to form a tough rubber with long-term flexibility and durability.

Due to the formulation, ASI 335 offers advanced adhesion to a variety of surfaces including porous substrates, vinyl, some plastics, fiberglass, metals, woods and more. ASI 335 emits a low odor which makes it ideal for confined work spaces or occupied areas. It is extremely resistant to UV degradation, yellowing, temperature extremes and most chemicals. It is a 100% RTV Silicone and will remain easy to dispense and tool even at cold temperatures. ASI 335 has excellent physical properties and will continue to perform long-term in a variety of applications.


  • Non-Corrosive
  • Advanced Adhesion Properties
  • Low Odor
  • Resistant To UV Degradation & Weathering
  • Resists Extreme Temperatures & Chemicals
  • One-Component, Easy To Use Formulation
  • 25% Joint Movement Capability
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Easy To Extrude At Cold Temperatures
  • Non-Slump, Can Use On Overhead & Vertical Applications
  • Excellent For Indoor & Outdoor Applications
  • Creates A Waterproof Seal

Physical properties

Physical PropertiesTest MethodResult
NLGI GradeDIN 518182
Specific GravityASI Test Method0.99
Water Spray OffASTM D40494%
Evaporation, 24 Hrs, 200°CASI Test Method<1%
Bleed, 24 Hrs, 200°CASI Test Method<2%
Penetration UnworkedASTM D217270
Penetration Worked (60x)ASTM D217285
Dielectic Strength, 0.01 GapASTM D149>700 (Volts/Mil)
Volume ResistivityASTM D2571.8x1014
Dielectic Constant 1000 HzASTM D1503.0
Dissipation Factor, 1000 HzASTM D150.0016
Arc Resistance, RTASTM D495120 (Sec)

Information on this data sheet can change without notice and it is therefore not recommended that these figures be used in spec writing. If you have any questions contact manufacturer‘s sales and technical service department.

Conforms / Meets / Exceeds

  • SAE-AS-8660
  • FDA-CFR-21-178.3570
  • NSF Category Code: H1 (Nonfood Compounds Program Listed Registration No. 151561)

Common Substrates

For a complete list of applications & substrates or more product information, please contact us.

Common Applications

  • Walk-In Freezer Manufacturing & Installation
  • RV & Trailer Manufacturing
  • Vinyl, Metal & Aluminum Siding & Roofing
  • Fiberglass Waterproof Sealing
  • Industrial Manufacturing Applications
  • Concrete Joint Sealing
  • HVAC Applications
  • Glass Block Installation
  • Glass Glazing

For a complete list of applications & substrates or more product information, please contact us.

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