ASI 55



ASI 55 Industrial & Construction Hybrid Sealant/Adhesive uses ASI’s innovative hybrid technology to provide a one part, elastomeric sealant/adhesive that will perform in a variety of demanding environments and applications without degrading.

Unlike conventional polyurethanes and solvent based sealants/ adhesives, ASI 55 is 100% solids, doesn’t shrink, doesn’t contain harmful isocyanates and performs long-term without degrading, yellowing or chaulking. ASI 55 is made to perform in all environments and can be applied to wet substrates and will withstand immediate rainfall without worry. ASI 55 has been formulated with long-term direct sunlight in mind and will continue to provide excellent physical properties even through constant change of temperatures, substrate settling, vibration and movement to provide a water tight seal and a durable bond.


  • 100% Solids, Will Not Shrink
  • Contains No Solvents Or Isocyanates (VOC Compliant)
  • Low Odor, Eco-Friendly
  • Resistant To UV Degradation & Weathering
  • Easy To Dispense & Tool At A Variety Of Temperatures
  • Will Cure When Water Or Moisture Is Present
  • Cures To Wet Substrates Without Negative Effects
  • Multi-Purpose Sealant & Adhesive Applications
  • Broad Adhesion Range
  • Non-Slump, Can Use On Overhead & Vertical Applications
  • Excellent Long-Term Physical Properties
  • Paintable Within 24 Hours

Physical properties

Physical PropertiesTest MethodResult
ViscosityASI Test Method1,000,000 cps (Spindle 7, 4 rpm)
Skin Formation TimeASI Test Method30 minutes (70°F, 50% RH)
DensityASTM D147514.2 lbs./gal
HardnessASTM C66134 (Shore A)
Modulus 100%ASTM D4120.73 MPa
Tensile StrengthASTM D4121.16 MPa
Elongation at BreakASTM D412300%
Lap ShearASTM D4120.90 MPa
Gun GradeASI Test MethodPass (Non-Slump)
QUV TestingASTM G154Pass (10,000 hrs.)
Service TemperatureASI Test Method-50°F to 220°F
Cure In Depth After 7 DaysASI Test Method11mm (70°F, 50% RH)

Strength will start to develop immediately and continue increasing for 7 days after application. ASI recommends testing strength and adhesion on the 7th day. ASI 55 suggested application temperature range: 32°F to 150°F. ASI 55 can be applied lower than 32°F. However, it will slow down the curing speed. In general lower temperature & humidity will slow skin and cure times.

Information on this data sheet can change without notice and it is therefore not recommended that these figures be used in spec writing. If you have any questions contact manufacturer‘s sales and technical service department.

Conforms / Meets / Exceeds

  • ASTM C920 Class 25, Type S, Grade NS, Use NT, A, M, G
  • TT-S-00230-C Type I1, Class B
  • Conforms To USDA Requirements For Non-Food Contact
  • Conforms To California Proposition 69
  • Meets Requirements Of CARB & SCAQMD
  • VOC Compliant (17 grams/liter AST D2369)

Common Substrates

  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • EPDM
  • Porcelain
  • PVC & Other Plastics
  • Aluminum & Galvanized Metal
  • Kynar ® Coated Substrates
  • Marble & Granite
  • Concrete, Brick, Mortar (Porous Substances)
  • EPS or Styrofoam Insulation

Common Applications

  • Window & Door Installation
  • Roofing Applications
  • Metal Roof Sealant
  • Joint Sealant Applications
  • Trailer & RV Manufacturing
  • Manufactured Housing Applications
  • Walk-In Freezer Manufacturing & Installation
  • General Construction Applications
  • Industrial Manufacturing Applications
  • Weather Sealing Applications
  • General Adhesive Applications
  • Masonry Applications

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