ASI 6900



ASI 6900 Extreme Fast-Grab Hybrid Adhesive grabs and holds substrates within just a few seconds, making it ideal for holding heavy objects in place while adhesive cures to form a long-term, durable bond. This reduces or eliminates the need for fasteners, braces, clips & epoxy.

It is ideal for heavy substrates or overhead applications where a quick, firm grab is needed. Using the same hybrid technology as the ASI 5900, this product extrudes easily while offering even more green strength (immediate hold), better adhesion (to some substrates) and cures to form an even stronger adhesive than its counterpart.

ASI 6900 will not shrink, is 100% solids and free of isocyanates and solvents, which unlike many solvent based adhesives, makes it easy and consistent to dispense/tool at a variety of temperatures. It bonds to wet substrates and can be applied when water or moisture are present without washing off (water based adhesives) or outgassing and bubbling (polyurethanes). With a broad adhesion profile, it bonds do most common substrates.


  • Reduces/Eliminates Need for Braces, Clips & Epoxy
  • Industry Leading Immedjate Hold & Ease Of Use
  • Excellent for Overhead Jobs
  • No Solvents Or Water, Will Not Shrink
  • 100% Solids, V0C Compliant
  • Adheres To A Wide Variety Of Substrates
  • Remains Easy To Dispense From 0˚F -150˚F
  • Will Cure To Wet Substrates Or When Moisture Is Present
  • Remains Flexible, Allows For Vibration & Movement
  • Conforms to California Proposition 65
  • Conforms to USDA Requirements For Non-Food Contact
  • Meets Requirements of CARB & SCAQMD
  • V0C Compliant (10 grams/liter ASTM D2369)

Physical properties

Physical PropertiesTest MethodResult
ViscosityASI Test Method4,500,000 cps (Spindle 7, 4rpm)
Skin Formation TimeASI Test Method10 minutes (70°F, 50% RH)
DensityASTM D147514.4 lbs./gal
HardnessASTM C66147 (Shore A)
Modulus 100%ASI Test Method1.35 MPa
Tensile StrengthASTM D4121.8 MPa
Elongation at BreakAST D412200 %
Application TemperatureASI Test Method32° to 120°F
Gun GradeASI Test MethodPass (Non-Slump)
OUV TestingASTM G154Pass (10,000 hrs)
Service Temperature*ASI Test Method-50°F to 220°F
Typical Cure RateASI Test Method24 hrs. (1/8" bead)

Intermittent Temperature up to 270°F. Information on this data sheet can change without notice. It is not recommended that these figures be used in spec writing. Contact manufacturer‘s sales and technical service department with questions.

Conforms / Meets / Exceeds

  • Conforms to California Proposition 65
  • Conforms to USDA Requirements For Non-Food Contact
  • Meets Requirements of CARB & SCAQMD
  • V0C Compliant (10 grams/liter AST D2369)

Common Substrates

  • Ceramics
  • Fiberglass
  • Glass
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • EPDM
  • Aluminum & Galvanized Metal
  • EPS or Styrofoam Insulation
  • Porcelain
  • PVC & Other Plastics
  • Porous Surfaces (Concrete, Brick, Etc.)

Common Applications

  • Sink Applications
  • Wall Panels
  • Roof Bows
  • Trailer & RV Manufacturing
  • Shower Panels & Installation
  • Panel Assembly Adhesive
  • Faux Rock or Panel Installation
  • Landscape Block Application
  • Industrial Manufacturing Application

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