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Ongoing investment in our facilities has given us the equipment needed for mass-scale batch production as well as small volume runs for lower quantity orders or custom formulations.

A leader in product development

Our product development team is continually working with the newest technologies to provide unique solutions for our customers’ applications. We not only seek improvements in product performance but also in user safety and experience. As an industry leader, we have mastered the most advanced polymer technology available to formulate hybrid polyether sealants, adhesives and coatings that set the benchmark for total product experience.

World Class Facilities

Custom product solutions

Sometimes our standard products do not meet the needs of a specific or unique application. Our research and engineering team specializes in developing tailored solutions that not only measure up to the task at hand, but often provide cost savings over other alternatives. Thanks to collaboration with the scientists and technologists at our Meridian Adhesives Group affiliates, this capability has never been stronger. Please inquire about your specific application.

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“American Sealants has been instrumental in assisting our engineering department and research & development department in sourcing solutions. On one project, they worked with us for over a year to find the proper solution in joining two different metallic substrates while never once asking for a purchase order or money down. Their knowledge and expertise has enabled our company to focus on our continuous improvement campaign while making a smooth and cost effective manufacturing transition.”

Rob Henry 

– Operations Manager at Thermodyne Foodservice Products, Inc

“American Sealants Inc. has been an integral partner in assisting Polar King International in our daily Supply Chain. Not only have they brought an overall cost savings to our business, more importantly they have provided us with the technical advice and resources in our manufacturing operations to help us continue to provide the best Fiberglass Outdoor Cooler and Freezer in the industry. American Sealants is very knowledgeable in their field and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Matt Burnham
– Purchasing Manager at Polar King International, Inc.

Contract & Toll Manufacturing

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Contract & Toll Manufacturing

ASI packages many different products provided to us in bulk, and also serves as a manufacturing extension for companies seeking to outsource production due to constraints on time, cost, labor or technology. We have the equipment and experience to toll mix a wide variety of chemistries. Packaging options are the broadest available for any manufacturer of these types of products.

Our capabilities include:

  • Experience mixing hundreds of different products & chemistries
  • Large volume batch manufacturing
  • Equipment & experience allowing the largest variety of package formats in the industry
  • Custom labeling
  • High speed packaging for large volume orders
  • Low & flexible minimums
  • Detailed quality control processes
  • Logistics management to meet your supply chain needs

Custom color matching

ASI has the capability to formulate and manufacture to your most exacting color specifications. We offer matching technology that provides fidelity to solid and mixed color pattern samples and substrates. Colors are locked in for repeatability on subsequent orders. Most colors can be offered in opaque, translucent or semi-translucent formulations. And minimum quantities for color-matched products are flexible. Please inquire for details.

Limitless packaging options

Nobody, but nobody, offers as many options for packaging adhesives and sealants as ASI. We can provide your product in almost any fashion that makes sense to you. We’ve made this a strategic focus through smart investments as well as decades of experience working with innovative package solutions.

Following is a list of packaging formats we can accommodate.

Caveat: Not all formats are appropriate for all products. Standard packages are specified on the product detail pages for each of our standard products (ASI branded items); in many cases we can offer customized alternatives from the list below.

  • Laminate, plastic and metal squeeze tubes (1/2 oz, 2.8 oz, 6 oz)
  • Semco cartridges (6 oz, 10 oz, 29 oz)
  • Caulking cartridges (5 oz, 10.2 oz, 29 oz)
  • Sausage pack “Chub pack” (10 oz, 20 oz, 30 oz)
  • Jars and containers (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz)
  • Cans (quart, liter & 1 gallon cans)
  • Bottles (4 oz, 32 oz)
  • Pails (5 gallon)
  • Drums (55 gallon)
  • Spray bottles of all sizes
  • Laminate pouches of all sizes
  • Syringes of all sizes
  • Pressurized piston cans
ASI Unlimited Packaging Options

Just a few of the certifications we maintain.

Certified and compliant with standards

Recognizing the importance of industry standards and certifications in the purchase of products like ours, we have invested significantly in testing and auditing. Qualifications, which vary by product, include standards set by UL, NSF, ASTM and other recognized organizations. Most of our products are VOC-compliant according to relevant state and Federal regulations.

Continuous quality control

To ensure that our products meet or exceed your performance requirements, we maintain a laboratory equipped with the latest testing equipment and run by scientists and technologists trained in process controls. We rigorously test our materials and maintain archives allowing us to backtrace the components of every order. It’s a system that customers like you can rely on and take comfort in.

All of our products are proudly formulated and packaged in our plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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